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Great cupcakes and awesome people!

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James Millsaps

This is the cutest little cupcake shop! The cupcakes were amazing! We had one of each and our family favorite was the coco loco (the coconut one) and the lemon drop, which was a close second. Definitely recommend this cute family owned business.

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Alysia Clark

This place is a great little cupcake shop! If you want a delicious snack stop here. Their churro bites are my favorite.

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Jesse LongSoldier

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They knocked it outside of the park. I needed 24 cupcakes and wanted a variety of flavors. These ladies didn’t hesitate to make it happen and we’re very kind. The cupcakes were delicious and enjoyed by everyone. I will definitely use them again. Thank you Simply Sweet for coming to the rescue.

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Christy Gray

Tres Leches was RIDICULOUSLY delicious! Can’t wait to try their other flavors

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Jessica Downing-Ford

Best cupcakes in the world! No, but seriously tho, they're REALLY good. The owners are super friendly & helpful. Highly recommended!

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Melissa Shaw

Strawberry and cream cupcake is SOOO good! Glad to see a place like this in Fruita. ❤️

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Heather D

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Just popped in for a taste and we’re very pleased with the flavor, quality and service we received! Not all cupcake shops can put out not only a tasty product but one that looks beautiful also. Well done and thank you for the Bible verse on my cupcake. It was just what I needed to hear today! God Bless!

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Amy Golike

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3x Visited. Never disappointed. Pistachio is #1, Lemon Drop is awesome! Coconut #2, Strawberries and Cream will put a smile on your face. The pancake cupcake is brilliant, a must try!

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Darla Seibert

You may be surprised and thinking your eating a desert made for an angel. Yes! Its that gooood. Wonderful family and Christ centered. Consider purchase to gift and make sure you buy two because they are so delish.

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Mags H

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Absolutely the best cup cake I have ever had!! So many great options, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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Fantastic Cupcakes but try the churo cheesecake bars! These are something you would see on T.V baking shows! Incredible! I have a feeling this shop will continue to stay busy due to the high quality goods! Keep up the great work!

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William Barbee